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Making sure you have the supplies your community needs.

Ordering & Order Errors

You’ve taken on the role of ordering supplies. Now what?

We want to support your program in all areas of harm reduction supply inventory management. This might not be why a lot of staff got into the field of harm reduction, but we hope resources around Ordering help to streamline the work.

What Can Go Wrong?

Click any problem box below and flip the card to see how it impacts your program or the service user.

- Problem -

The wrong supplies are ordered on the OHRDP Order Form.

- Impact -

This can lead to hassles in returning, time delays, and the need to store the supplies until they can be picked up.

- Problem -

The wrong quantity of supplies are ordered.

- Impact -

Can lead to delays in receiving the number of supplies needed. It could also mean having to use limits/ quotas due to supply shortage.

- Problem -

The NSP doesn’t have a regular schedule for ordering.

- Impact -

Can lead to a need for more emergency top ups and ordering. OHRDP is always available to discuss top up orders.

- Problem -

The order form is sent to an OHRDP staff email instead of [email protected].

- Impact -

Your order could take much longer to receive.

- Problem -

The most up-to-date Order Form isn’t used when submitting to OHRDP.

- Impact -

There could be a supply that’s been updated or removed.

- Problem -

Too many supplies were ordered.

- Impact -

Program is required to store excess supplies off-site or in not-dedicated storage areas.

Accurate ordering processes help ensure you don’t run short on supplies.

The Ordering Process

Inventory Count

Determine what you have and what you will need to meet your community need.


The Core NSP creates one order for the region, which reflects the needs of all its community agencies. The order is then sent to the OHRDP Order Desk ([email protected]).

Order Received

OHRDP receives and reviews each order. Once approved, the order is sent to our Medical Distributor.

Delivery Coordination

Our Medical Distributor coordinates the transportation of the order. They provide OHRDP with confirmation that the warehouse has prepped the order for delivery and OHRDP provides the Core NSP with a confirmation email.

Bulk Supplies Received

A bulk order of supplies is received at the Core NSP.

Check out the forecasting section for tools to help project your community needs.

How to Complete the Order Form

Completing the order form is easy. Check out this video for some easy “How-To” tips.
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2:53 Mins

Ordering & Order Errors
The Ordering Process

What’s in this video


How do core NSPs know the supplies they need for their entire region?


Learn what happens when the core NSP order form arrives at OHRDP;


What role does the Medical Distributor have in ordering?
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3:43 Mins

Ordering & Order Errors
Completing the Order Form

What’s in this video


Your order form won't calculate? Read this!


Learn the key parts of the order form;


Areas OHRDP has no control over in delivering.

Downloadable Ordering Resources

Inventory Levels Companion Guide

Discover an easy way to determine Ideal Inventory Levels for each supply for your region!

Ordering Process Companion Guide

This guide clarifies all the steps that take place during the Ordering Process.

Completing the Order Form Companion Guide

This guide explains how to correctly fill out the Order Form.

If you are considering having your inventory from OHRDP delivered to a new address for storing, please fill the Address Change Form in the Portal.


Is there a community agency that you haven’t heard from in a while? Consider giving them a call to see what’s going on.


Do the volumes in your inventory and what you distribute to the community reflect safer practices? Use ‘Connecting’  as a guide to support kit supply ratios.


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Have Questions?

Reach out to our support team at OHRDP.

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