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It’s delivery day – are you ready?


Have a copy of the order you’re expecting with you and be familiar with the delivery driver’s responsibilities.

This will help make receiving the order easier.

What Can Go Wrong?

Click any problem box below and flip the card to see how it impacts your program or the service user.

- Problem -

The staff accepting the delivery didn’t examine boxes for external or internal damage.

- Impact -

This can result in the Core NSP needing replacement inventory at a time when they really needed the supplies. It can also lead to a delay in getting needed replacement stock.

- Problem -

Incoming inventory was not checked using the submitted and approved order form against the delivered packing slip.

- Impact -

You may have accepted supplies not intended for you. Or, some of your supplies may have still been on the truck. Always check you received ALL your inventory.

- Problem -

Supplies were not logged into inventory on the same day as they were received.

- Impact -

Could lead to an unnecessary order being placed because your system says you are still low.

- Problem -

When new stock arrived, the Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates were not recorded.

- Impact -

You may not notice expired stock. In the case of a recall, it could be more difficult to track down affected supplies.

- Problem -

As the stock was added to inventory, “FIFO” wasn’t followed.

- Impact -

This could lead to finding you have expired stock when you need the supplies the most, leading to a shortage. It could also cause a delay in the reordering process.

- Problem -

Program didn’t notify OHRDP of an address change.

- Impact -

Order is delivered to the wrong address, could be returned to the warehouse, delaying needed supply delivery.
Errors happen. When they do, contact us right away so we can problem-solve the issue.

How to Make Delivery Day Go Smoothly

Be Ready

Ensure team members know the delivery truck is coming and someone is ready to meet it. Depending on the size of the order, consider having several people on hand to receive it.

Meet the Truck

Always have the submitted and approved order form with you to make sure you got everything off the truck. If there are badly-damaged boxes, you can refuse them.

Count the Boxes

Using the packing slip and original order form, check that you received all your boxes.

Check Boxes

Open boxes to make sure you received everything. Some boxes might contain mixed supplies.

Record Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates

This is important if there is ever a supplies recall.

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3:38 Mins

The Delivery Day Process

What’s in this video


What are some considerations for preparing for inventory delivery?


What do I do if I didn't receive my entire order?


When is the best time to record lot numbers and expiry dates for inventory?

Downloadable Receiving Resources

Thumbnail for "The Delivery Day Process" which shows two OHRDP workers receiving supplies from a delivery truck.
Thumbnail for "The Delivery Day Process" which shows two OHRDP workers receiving supplies from a delivery truck.
Play Video
Delivery Day Process

3:38 Mins

Thumbnail for "The Delivery Day Process" which shows two OHRDP workers receiving supplies from a delivery truck.
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The Delivery Day Process thumbnail.
Delivery Day Process Companion Guide

Not sure what to expect on delivery day? This resource breaks it all down.

How Long Will My Supplies Take?

Eager to know how long you’ll be waiting for your supplies to arrive? Check out the radius map below.
Estimated Delivery Time

0 to 380km = 1-2 business days

381 to 500km = 2-3 business days

501+km = 3-5 business days

Remember to have a copy of the Order Form with you when accepting deliveries.


Compare your order form with the packing slip with your delivery.


It is alright to refuse an order if boxes are visibly damaged.


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Have Questions?

Reach out to our support team at OHRDP.

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