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Core NSP Programs manage large amounts of harm reduction supply inventory. We know most staff did not get into harm reduction work to manage inventory. Providing information and resources that can help streamline the process of receiving and distributing supplies is how we want to help. Having optimum inventory efficiencies and strategies can support programs in providing better support to service users. OHRDP's focus is to find multiple ways to support your program in helping communities stay safer and healthier.

How to Stay on Top of Your Inventory

Manage inventory to make sure you have enough to meet community requests.

Inventory management practices include:

When kit-making, bundle kits in groups of five or 10 with an elastic band. This makes preparing orders for community agencies easier.


Don’t forget to submit all orders to!


Have you recently added a new community agency or outreach program? Remember to send the details to so we can update our Find Supplies Map.


Graphing helps you see the story your data is telling you.


If possible, install shelving or racks in your storage area for efficient use of space and to help keep you organized.


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Tip Five

The order desk email is Other inquiries can be sent to or you can call 1.866.316.2217.

Often if the pdf form is not working it’s because your Adobe software needs to be updated. Update and try the form again. If you still have problems, contact us at

Try the Forecasting tools on the Forecasting page. If you still need help, contact us at

It depends on where you are located in the province. See the ‘How Long Will My Supplies Take?’ map on the Receiving page.

Yes, contact the order desk at Other inquiries can be sent to or you can call 1.866.316.2217.

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An Introduction to OHRDP
Do you or someone on your team need to familiarize yourself with safer practices in drug use?
Our resource, Connecting: A Guide to Using Harm Reduction Supplies as Engagement Tools will give you the confidence you need when you’re working with people who use drugs.

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