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The Story Behind the Toolkit

The story of this toolkit is a long tale in shared learning. It’s the story of core NSPs and OHRDP working, learning, and growing together to create an incredible collaborative partnership to keep harm reduction supplies moving throughout Ontario communities.

What You’ve Taught Us

In a province where there are such tremendous regional differences, core NSPs have had to create and re-create the story of making harm reduction supplies accessible to meet YOUR community’s needs.  We’ve learned what works for Windsor may not work for Ottawa or Kenora, and vice versa.  This also goes for how each program manages their harm reduction supplies inventory.  We know it will always be dependent on the storage space you have, the number of community agencies and service users you support, and the geographic realities of your region.

OHRDP has learned from working with each of you over the years, that despite the many differences there is a common thread that weaves us into one big community. It’s our drive to live in inclusive communities where harm reduction supplies are available in a welcoming and safe manner.  To support this, core NSPs and your community agencies need practical inventory management tools and strategies. It’s up to each program to sift through the toolkit content and resources to find the things you believe can benefit your program.

Our hopes for the toolkit

  • We hope you discover a tool, an idea, a process, or a resource that might help streamline inventory processes.
  • That collectively we can create a common foundation of inventory management knowledge, practice, and language.
  • We hope you find valuable content to share with your community agencies as they learn about the responsibilities of distributing and managing harm reduction supplies.
  • The core NSP – OHRDP partnership is what makes this province strong in harm reduction supply distribution and management.

A Start

Your  OHRDP Toolkit  – Stocked and Ready to Support Your Community is the beginning. We have many ideas around content we want to add to the toolkit in future updates.  But we’d like to hear from you – what works for you in this toolkit, is there content you’d like to see included in the future? We always want to hear about your challenges, your successes, and your ideas.

We are thankful to the many individuals and programs who participated in the three phases of development for this toolkit, you have had a direct impact on what we see here today.  Thank you to every program  for the work you do to support harm reduction in your communities.

– Denise (OHRDP)

Have Questions?

Reach out to our support team at OHRDP.

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