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Core Program Dashboards

November 28, 2023

Your Core Program has received an OHRDP Dashboard with each Semi-Annual Inventory Management Survey (SIMS) since June 2022. OHRDP has made changes based on the feedback we’ve received from you and we’re introducing a new interactive Core Program Dashboard. It allows you to   toggle through tabs to learn more details related to harm reduction supplies your core has ordered.

The Dashboard reflects the volumes ordered through OHRDP and may not be a complete and accurate representation of the volumes distributed throughout your region. The Dashboard highlights:

  • a summary of harm reduction supplies ordered
  • a breakdown of volumes by supply group
  • volume changes by year, and
  • volume ratios with respect to Best Practice Recommendations (BPRs)

You may wonder why OHRDP created this dashboard when your program continues to receive a table with your Core Program’s last 6-month ordering history with each SIMS. Simply put, the interactive Dashboard provides a lot more information! We hope the increased detail may be valuable to your  operations, and helpful when meeting with community partners to discuss trends in your region.

The Dashboard provides your Core Program with the ability to see changes and monitor trends in your region through different metrics. For example, looking at the breakdown of only baggies ordered by your Core Program may indicate kit trends if your region has standardized coloured kits.

This information can help with programming decisions. If you observed the volume or percentage of the supply category being larger, this could mean it’s a supply or kit popular in your region. This could indicate an area of focus for your Core Program and partners.

Consulting the ratios tabulation to learn about your program’s ratios may influence decision making and highlight engagement needs, too!  

We encourage keeping your Core Program’s Interactive Dashboard link close, and consider using information for team planning and with community agencies!

We’d love to hear how your Core Program uses the data provided through the Dashboards.    

Ella (OHRDP)

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