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SIMS – What’s the Purpose?

Let’s get into the SIMS!

SIMS stands for Semi-Annual Inventory Management Update & Survey. This survey is sent to all Core Program Managers each June and December. Why? –  to collect harm reduction supply volume projections so OHRDP is stocked and ready to meet your community’s harm reduction supply needs. It also is a way for you to guide some of the other work ORHDP does to support core Programs.

The survey can be completed by the Program Manager or delegated to an appropriate person knowledgeable on the ordering and distribution of OHRDPs harm reduction supplies.

We know how busy everyone is and like to keep this survey as short as possible. When your Program Manager receives the SIMS correspondences, we include the volumes of each OHRDP supply that was ordered through us from the previous 6-month period – and – your Core Program Dashboard (a PDF showing information and trends). This information is to help you complete the survey and can be used for your own program’s internal purposes!

What can you expect?

Typically, the June SIMS is more in-depth, as we request actual projections of volumes that will be required from OHRDP monthly for each supply. These volumes might take a bit of time to determine. You’ll want to consider changes that may impact volumes such as:

  • changes in the number of community agencies, and
  • change in CTS or outreach services.

Reaching out to community agencies will help you understand your region’s needs in comparison to current distribution practices. Using the volumes we provide, based on your recent ordering history can be your benchmark when factoring in these considerations! The volumes you share with us through the survey helps OHRDP ensure we are purchasing the right amount of supplies to meet provincial needs.

After the supply volume projection questions, we have other topic categories. These questions are related more to inventory management practices, different supplies, community trends, and so on. Depending on OHRDPs focus, your responses will provide us with information to make decisions based on the aggregate needs and interests.

And of course – at the end of the survey, we give you the opportunity to share with us any comments or feedback.  We take this feedback very seriously and appreciate anything you share!

How long does it take?

Completion time can vary! It can take time to collect information from community partners and colleagues. Once all information is collected, responding to the survey should only take 30 minutes or less. Generally, there is a 3 – week timeline to complete and submit the SIMS.

That’s it!

That’s the SIMS wrapped up! If you have any questions about our SIMS, email

Written by Ella 

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